Orbi Router Login: How To Set Up & Change Password?

The Netgear Orbi router has hit the market as one of the most powerful and innovative routers ever. With its sleek, futuristic, and ergonomic design, the Orbi router is becoming more popular and a favorite amongst Netgear customers. If you’ve managed to get your hands on this magnificent yet pricey piece of technology, you’re going to need some help setting it up.

We’ll also discuss how you can change your Wi-Fi password, configure your router’s settings, and much more. Keep on reading to find out!

What Is An Orbi Router?

The Orbi Router is an award-winning router from Netgear that uses Mesh Wi-Fi technology. It’s capable of delivering internet speeds up to 100% faster than Google Wi-Fi. The mesh technology works by having the main router that connects to a modem.

In addition to this, there is a series of satellite modules(nodes) that are placed in optimal positions around your home. Hence, with the Netgear Orbi, you’re able to get rid of Wi-Fi dead zones and ensure every corner of your home and family member gets the most out of your high-speed connection.

The “FastlLane3 Technology” is embedded into the network, which is essentially a dedicated WiFi backhaul that ensures better 4K HD streaming and gaming. It’s almost as if you’ve covered your entire home in a Wi-Fi blanket!

The only downside of Orbi is its price point. However, when you’re getting a modern and well-designed router such as this one, it’s well worth it.

The cheapest model, Orbi Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi Router comes in at a price of $130 USD. On the more expensive end, we have the Orbi 4G LTE Advanced Tri-band Router priced at a whopping $400 USD.

On top of this, you can purchase both indoor and outdoor Satellite nodes which help extend the range of your Wi-Fi to several thousand square feet.

How To Setup Orbi Router?

Setting up your Orbi router couldn’t be easier thanks to the Orbi mobile app. Before you head on over the steps listed below to set up your router, make sure you visit your Android or iOS mobile app store and download the latest version of the Orbi app. Click the respective links to download the Orbi mobile app: Android, iOS. After that’s done and dusted, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the Orbi app and sign in or create a new Netgear account if you haven’t already.
  2. Select “Yes” to install a new Orbi system when the prompt appears.
  3. Allow camera access so you can easily scan the QR code found on your Orbi router system.
  4. Scan the QR code found on your router’s label. The Orbi app will recognize the router and begin connecting to it. Netgear recommends that you reboot your modem when setting up a new router.
  5. Now connect the ethernet cord from your modem into the yellow ethernet socket of your Orbi router.
  6. Next, plug in your power adapter and turn the router on.
  7. Place and plug in your Orbi satellites throughout your home. Once powered up, the satellites should glow blue indicating a strong connection. If it glows amber or magenta, we recommend you move the satellites closer to the Orbi router.
  8. Now, the Orbi router will attempt to connect to the preconfigured Orbi Wi-Fi network. The SSID username and password for this network can be found on the label of your Orbi router.
  9. Once your device is connected to the network, Orbi will attempt to detect the satellite nodes placed around your home. After the setup is complete and Orbi has successfully synced with all of your satellites, the LED light will pulse white, then glow blue to indicate a good connection and finally turn itself off.

That’s all there is to it. Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up your brand new Orbi router!

How To Change Orbi Wi-Fi Password?

The first thing you’ll want to do after you set up your Orbi router is to change your WiFi password. At this moment, your default password is available to the public.

Hence, it’s important you make this change right away! You’ll also want to set up security configurations such as guest network restrictions and so on. To do this, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Visit Orbi WiFi’s admin tool by accessing the following link: http://orbilogin.com. If you’re using a VPN or custom IP range, you can also access this webpage by entering the default Gateway IP address
  2. You’ll get a prompt asking you to enter your Username and Password. By default, the username is “admin” and the password is “password“. Enter it and select Sign in.
  3. Under the BASIC tab select “Wireless“.
  4. Here you can change your Wi-Fi network name “Name(SSID)” and password “Password(Network Key)“.
  5. We recommend you select a password with lowercase and uppercase letters in addition to having some numerical values. Once you’ve made the changes, click on Apply.

After you have successfully completed changing your username and password, you will be disconnected from your Orbi WiFi network from all devices. You’ll have to reconnect by entering the new password you just created for your Orbi Router network.

Final Words

We hope you were able to gain a better insight into the amazing piece of technology that the Orbi router is. If you want to do so, the SSID username and password settings can also be changed from your Orbi mobile app. If you had any trouble setting up your Orbi router or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. We’ll gladly assist you. Thanks for reading!

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