MacBooster Review – Is It Worth Paying for Premium?

Mac running slow? Maybe, MacBooster could fix it. MacBooster, the one-stop Mac maintenance tool. MacBooster erases up your Mac’s junk files and also secures it from any other threats which let you enjoy a faster and more secure Mac. But you might be wondering, does it actually boosts the Mac? Is it worth buying? Let’s discern and have a look-see to MacBooster Review!

MacBooster Review

MacBooster is a one-stop Mac upkeep software developed by IObit which lets one scan each and every corner of their Mac and cleanse up the junk files. It also keeps one’s Mac secure and removes any malware or viruses.

The MacBooster supports OS X 10.9 or later. One may either download the trial version or upgrade to or buy the MacBooster.

Why MacBooster?

High RAM consumption, no much hard drive space available, malware or any other viruses, all of these might cause one’s Mac to run slow. But MacBooster might fix it and let one enjoy a faster and more secure Mac.

MacBooster 8 Features

MacBooster’s splendid features definitely make it an easy-to-use upkeep software for Mac. Before getting a look-see to the MacBooster Review, let’s have a peek to its features.

1. System Status

The system status scans one’s Mac and shows the quick status of their Mac.

2. System Junk

Sometimes it’s quite possible that plenty of junk files may hold the system space for no reason. The System Junk feature scans every corner of one’s Mac and removes most of the junk files with just a click.

3. Virus & Malware Scan

Viruses And Malware or Malicious software might easily cause threats to one’s Mac which might slow down the Mac too. Any adware or malware might also affect the browsing experience on the Mac.

The Virus & Malware Scan feature lets one scan their system and remove any viruses, adware or malware.

4. Turbo Boost

Sometimes, changes in Mac’s disk permissions, cache holding the disk or storage space for no reason, all these might cause one’s Mac to run slow.

With the Turbo Boost feature, one can optimize the Disk, Disk Permission and Storage with just a click which will boost one’s Mac and enhance the performance.

5. Memory Clean

High RAM consumption, might also cause one’s Mac to run slow. Often it happens that some applications, cache or other might hold the RAM space unnecessarily leaving minimum space available for the functioning of the other which might cause Mac to run slow.

The Memory Clean tool lets one free the RAM space by wiping the unnecessary cache or other with just a click which will enhance the functioning of one’s Mac.

6. Privacy Protection

It is also quite possible that while browsing the web or other, malicious cookies or other unsafe applications might put one’s privacy at risk. The Privacy Protection tool protects one’s privacy and ensures safer and secure browsing. The Privacy Protection tool also lets one erase all the private data safely with just a click.

7. Uninstaller

The uninstaller tool gives one complete control over all the apps on their Mac. It is also quite possible that sometimes, even if one uninstalls an app, there might be still some leftover data or cache of the same. The tool lets one uninstall an app completely without any leftovers either many at once or one by one by just a click.

8. Startup Optimization

It is also possible that the startup’s programs might lead to more RAM or CPU usage which might slow one’s Mac.

The Startup Optimization tool lets one analyze the startup programs or even disable them so that Mac runs faster. One may disable the startup programs either all at once or many at a time by just a click.

9. Large & Old Files

Sometimes, Large and old files might take up huge Mac’s hard disk space which might slow one’s Mac. The Large & Old Files tool lets one scan and deletes the no-more-needed large and old files with ease. One may also sort them based on file size, date or other.

10. Duplicate Finder

The Duplicate Finder tool helps one to find out the copies or duplicates of a particular file or other and delete them with ease. Doing so will free Mac’s hard disk space and might fast the functioning of one’s Mac.

11. Money-back Guarantee

MacBoostet assures complete service satisfaction and one may also request a refund within 60 days if you are not satisfied with the buy.

12. Support

One may also avail the MacBooster online support or the priority technical support & 24×7 customer service; for the lite, standard or premium users.

Should you Buy MacBooster 8?

MacBooster is an easy-to-use Mac upkeep software for sure. It scans each and every corner of the Mac, finds out the junk files and let you delete it with ease as promised. Amongst the discerned junk files, you may also view the details and if you don’t want the particular file to be deleted, you may also unselect it before initiating the erase. On the test run, the Virus & Malware scan works much fine. It found all the viruses or malware with just a click.

Also, the Large & Old Files feature lets you find out the large and old files which are no more in need and delete it with ease. The Duplicate Finder works really well, sort the copies or duplicates up in a fine manner and lets you delete the copies or duplicates with just a click. Letting uninstall all the selected apps at a time by just a click makes the Uninstaller a splendid feature. The other features also work much fine but you may not find some of those much useful as it can be also done with the Mac built-in features.

Although what most of the features of MacBooster do, can be also done by Mac’s built-in features or other free apps, it is much worth buying MacBooster if you haven’t got much time doing all of those singly. As MacBooster is an easy-to-use & one-stop Mac upkeep software, it makes it much more worthy.


Please be kept in mind that, always try to avoid downloading or buying the MacBooster from an unauthorized website. You may also try the trial version before upgrading to or buying the MacBooster. Also to be noted that for the refund request, the MacBooster support team might take up to 2 days to review your request. You may also refer to the FAQs to know more about the MacBooster.

Well, this is all about MacBooster review. Hope you find it useful. Please let us know your views or doubts if any, in the comments section below.

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