CCleaner Review 2021: Is CCleaner Pro Safe & Worth Buying?

Are you looking for an unbiased CCleaner review? You are at the perfect webpage as we have shared everything about the hyped C++ cleaner program.

CCleaner Review

Keeping electronic devices (laptops, smartphones & computers) clean & safe from ongoing cyber-attacks should be the topmost priority of everyone.

CCleaner is a program that aims to enhance the system speed by eliminating unwanted data and also protects from online virus attacks, but is it reliable? Let us not wander around and get started with the main subject.

CCleaner Review 2021

As said, CCleaner is a utility program that is used to delete unwanted data from the system and protect it from online virus attacks. Rated 4 of 5 by Trust Pilot, CCleaner speeds up the system by optimizing & setting up things the right way.

Unlike other cleaning programs, CCleaner works well with almost all the major operating systems, including macOS, Windows & Android. It belongs to the freemium segment programs that means it offers both free as well as paid services.

Features Of CCleaner

To help you understand the offerings of CCleaner, we have comprehensively described everything and also, reviewed each feature (after testing on several devices)

1. Universal

CCleaner is a software program that is available to almost all major operating systems like Android, macOS & Windows. It was first released for Windows OS, and later, the developers released the macOS & Android versions too.

Apart from that, CCleaner offers a free version with restrictions to some powerful features that can be unlocked by subscribing to the premium version.

2. Easy Setup

Downloading & setting up CCleaner is super easy for both free & premium versions. You can download CCleaner in a single click, and it will automatically set up everything.

3. Privacy Protection & Standard Cleaning

CCleaner offers complete privacy protection from all malware & other harmful viruses to both free & paid users. Besides that, it also cleans the system by eliminating obsolete data and system caches.

4. System Diagnosis

Diagnosing the system completely and alarming the user with the potential threat(s) is one of the best features offered by CCleaner. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for free users, and one requires to opt for the premium subscription that costs about $25.

5. Auto-Update Programs

Very few cleaning & optimizing programs offer auto-updating of outdated applications & system programs. Outdated software programs are unguarded, and therefore, we must update programs as soon as there is an official update available on the internet.

6. Detects Spyware

There are millions of online scams running behind beautiful & enchanting offers/landing pages. One should be careful while shopping or downloading anything from an unverified source. CCleaner not only alerts the user about the spyware/tracker but also removes it from the system completely.

To be honest, CCleaner fails to detect spy apps on your system installed manually but works perfectly with online trackers.

Apart from these perks, CCleaner provides users with real-time customer support, but this is limited to the premium paid subscribers. If you are looking for a powerful cleaner that satisfies your budget, then CCleaner is certainly the perfect pick for you in 2020.

7. Other Perks Of CCleaner

Here some other perks of CCleaner you must know. This will help you to buy CCleaner.

  1. Compact & Lightweight Program
  2. Easy to Install & Run
  3. No Code Required
  4. Budget-Friendly
  5. Available to most of the Operating Systems
  6. No Lag

8. CCleaner Pricing

As said earlier in this blogpost, CCleaner belongs to the freemium segment, which means it offers both free & paid services. The basic privacy protection & system cleaning is offered to all users (subscribers/non-subscribers.)

ccleaner pricing

Other features like auto-updating, system check, tracker detector, etc. are not offered to non-subscribers, and for that, you need to upgrade to the premium plan that costs $25.

I have been using the premium version of CCleaner for about 14 months, and it works perfectly as compared to other optimizing programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many queries on the internet about the CCleaner that is still unchecked, and therefore, we have included some crucial ones in this article. In case, if we missed any of your queries then shoot it in the comment section, and we’ll answer it shortly.

1. Is CCleaner Pro Trusted?

This is one of the most common questions asked by the users, and we all know the answer really well.

CCleaner is no news to the market as it was released in 2003, and we haven’t heard anything wrong or unpleasant about the program yet. In short, YES! CCleaner is a reliable program and can be trusted!

2. Which CCleaner version is the best?

We haven’t found any issue with any of the previous versions of the program, but it is strongly recommended to stay on the latest (updated) version of CCleaner. As of now (August 6, 2020,) v5.70.7909 is the latest updated version of the CCleaner.

3. Will CCleaner delete important files from my system?

No! CCleaner is a reliable program and will never delete important files without the user’s permission. It can only delete obsolete data like caches & other unwanted files from the system.


I believe that our CCleaner review helped you with some rare & useful information about the program. Keeping your device safe is really important, and hence, one should not compromise the health & safety of their system.

You must have a reliable security program in your system to protect from ongoing viruses & other harmful attacks. If you have anything to contribute or add to this blog post, then please comment it down and also share this review with your mates and help them speed up & secure their devices by opting for one of the best system cleaner software— CCleaner.

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