How To Fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Error Code in Windows?

PFN_LIST_CORRUPT is a blue screen of death error code that is most likely seen by Windows users. The most common reason that prompts the PFN LIST CORRUPT windows 10 error code is a hardware failure or the older Windows OS. Whenever this error code appears you will see nothing except the blue screen with a message saying PFN_LIST_CORRUPT.


In this post, we’re all set to talk about what is PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error? What causes the PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error code? And how to fix PFN LIST CORRUPT Windows 10 or 7 error code? If you’re also facing this error code, we advise you to read this post carefully.


Page Frame Number or PFN refers to a list used by the hard drive to retrieve the files on the hard disk. This error hits you if something wrong happens with the PFN list, most often at the times when the list got corrupted. Besides this, there are some other reasons also that can cause this error code is listed below.

  • Faulty or corrupted Windows drivers.
  • Possibly Windows registry is affected by the virus.
  • Might be the version of software drivers are incompatible with the hardware.
  • Corrupted or damaged system files.
  • RAM corruption is another prominent reason for this error code.

These were some of the possible reasons that can bring the PFN_LIST_CORRUPT win 7 error code. Now as you’re aware of the basics of the error code, the time comes to talk about the solutions.

How To Fix PFN_LIST_CORRUPT In Windows 10?

Our team of tech geeks at Pc Retail Mag done an extensive research to come up with the solutions that can help you to fix the error code. We have tried our best to mention it in easy to understand way, so a non-techie guy can also understand our steps and able to fix the issue. So without revolving around the topic, why can’t we begin to talk about solutions?

1. Investigate RAM

RAM is one of the essential components that play a vital role in keeping your computer in a working state. If any issue persisting with your computer’s RAM then there is a high chance that you will encounter the PFN LIST CORRUPT error code. So this should be your first step towards fixing the issue.

  • Invoke the search box on your computer. This can be done efficiently by pressing Windwos+R simultaneously on your keyboard.
  • Once the dialogue box prompt on your screen, you need to stroke the mdsched.exe command in the search box followed by clicking on Ok.


  • This command will lead you to a new screen where you will see two options. You should click on Restart now and check for the problem option.


  • Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool will appear on your screen. Here you need to allow the tool to inspect your RAM to find out the potential problems.

Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool

For most of the users this solution has proven helpful to fix the issue, however, if this won’t able to generate the desired outcomes for you then you should move to the next solution.

2. Identify Hard Drive Errors

Similar to RAM, the hard drive is also an essential part of a PC. So you always need to make sure that no issue persists with the hard to ensure an error-free experience. This can be done simply by following the steps we have mentioned below.

  • Invoke command prompt on your computer with admin privileges.

CMD as admin

  • Once you can see the black screen of your CMD, you need to stroke the chkdsk /f  and hit the enter button on your keyboard.

chkdsk /f

  • After the execution of this command, you will able to see a list of potential bugs your hard drive may contain. Hence you will take the appropriate steps to fix the issue.

3. Perform Antivirus Scan

Some viruses can also bring error codes such as PFN_LIST_CORRUPT. Viruses are a serious threat to your PC, you need to take immediate action if you notice any virus installed on your computer. Some of the non-techie guys are not aware of the steps involves in performing the antivirus scan, for those we have mentioned the steps below.

  • First of all, you should navigate to the Settings followed by clicking on the Update & security.
  • In the right sidebar of your screen, you will see the Windows defender option click on it.
  • Under the Virus and threat protection, you will manage to locate the Advance scan option, click on it being the scanning process.


  • Select Windows Defender offline scans option and followed by the scan now option.

Once the scanning process is completed, you will able to see a list of viruses stored on your computer. Take the suggested steps to remove the viruses from your computer.

4. Update Windows Drivers

Some time due to multiple reasons, Windows drivers become c0rrupted or faulty. So it is best if you make sure that Windows drivers are updated to work properly.

  • First, you should head to the device manager on your computer and choose a category to see a list of drivers installed on your computer.
  • Right-click on the name of the drivers that you wish to update.
  • Now simply choose the update driver option to proceed to the next step.


  • On the next prompted screen, you have two options either you can choose Search automatically for updated drivers or Browser computer for software. We suggest you follow the first one cause it is easy to follow.


  • Now your computer will search for the latest version of drivers and automatically install them on your computer to replace the faulty drivers.

Final Take

PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error code can be easily fixed by following the steps we have mentioned so far. If you face any issues while following the steps then share with us, we will solve your issue on priority. Also, if you have any other recommendations that can help to fix the issue then let us know using the comment section.

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