Fix: Audio Not Working On Laptop

Audio not working on a laptop is the most commonly encountered issue. This error can appear due to multiple reasons such as outdated/faulty drivers, incompatible Windows updates, or sometimes hardware issues. Whatever the reason in this post, we will share some quick easy steps that will help you to know about how to fix sound on a laptop.

Audio not working on laptop

Microsoft does not seem concerned about improving hardware compatibility. As a result, we face a number of annoying errors including laptop internal speakers not working. Still, we see many of the users reporting that about laptop sound not working issue even after the latest Windows 10 update.

That’s the reason why our tech team decided to investigate the Realtek audio not working issue and come up with the solutions. If you’re also facing the same issue then scroll down and begin exploring how to fix sound on the laptop solutions.

How To Fix Audio Not Working On Laptop?

First of all, you should consider checking the volume level on your laptop whenever you face the laptop internal speaker, not a working issue. If everything with the level of the volume seems perfect then fret not, we have mentioned some other effective solution also. So without further ado, walk through the solutions we have concluded below one by one.

1. Check The Sound Source

In this section we will conclude the steps that will help you to know about the sound sources on the laptop:

  • Tap on the speaker icon located in the taskbar.


  • Here you will able to see an inverted V sign, tap on it. To understand this step consider taking the help of the below-given picture.

Speaker source 2

  • On the next screen, if you managed to see more than one playback device, then consider choosing the responsible ones that produce the sound.

speaker source 3

Switching between the playback devices can help you out to fix this issue. But if this method failed to perform for you, then move to the next step.

2. Enable Playback Devices

Due to multiple reasons sometimes Windows disable the playback devices by itself. In such situations, you need to enable the playback devices manually using the control panel. To do so, consider following the below-written steps.

  • To access the Windows search utility press the Windows+R key simultaneously. Once the search box appears type Control and press ok.

Acess control panel

  • Here you will see a list of available options, click on Sound to proceed further.

Sound control panel

  • If you see any disabled device here then right-click on it and Enable the playback devices. Once the playback device is enabled click on Ok to save changes.

Enable playback devices

  • After following the steps, if your problem got resolved then set the playback device to default.

set default playback device

If still sound not working on laptop windows 10, then you can follow the additional steps to fix the issue.

  • Hover your mouse on the default playback device and choose Properties.

Properties playback device

  • On the properties screen,  select the Enhancement tab and uncheck all the boxes. At the end click on OK. Consider taking the help of the below-given screenshot to understand the steps better.

Sound enhancement disable

3. Reinstall Audio Drivers

As we know, Windows uses drivers to produce sound on a laptop. If there are some issues with the drivers then possibly you will encounter issues such as laptop’s internal speaker not working. To fix driver issues, you should reinstall the drivers, to do so follow the instruction we have mentioned below.

  • Head to the Device Manager. You can do this by pressing the Windows+X at the same time.

Device Manager

  • Click on the inverted V sign available before the Sound, video, and game controller.  Right-click on the name of the playback device and choose the Uninstall device options.

uninstall sound device

  • Click on Uninstall to give your confirmation.

uninstall sound card devices

Once the sound driver is uninstalled, you might need to reboot your computer, so your computer can automatically reinstall the drivers on your PC.

4. User Windows Troubleshoot Utility

Troubleshoot is one of the default Windows utility that helps to identify and fix several issues itself.  You can also fix audio not working on laptop issues using the troubleshoot. let’s see how to do this.

  • Launch the Settings on your Windows computer. You can do this by pressing the Windwos+I at the same time on your keyboard.


  • Head to the Update & Security.
  • Here in the left panel, you will able to see the Troubleshoot option.
  • On the next screen, you will able to see a list of multiple errors, choose Playing audio from the list, and at last click on Run the troubleshooting.
  • The troubleshoot utility will detect the problem and will suggest solutions as per the error code. If you follow the suggestion then you will able to fix the issue.

No sound troubleshoot

5. Check For Latest Window Update

Some of us tend to ignore updating Windows to the latest version by thinking that there are very minor changes that have been made by Microsoft and spending a huge amount of data just to use these features seems a costly process. Audio not working on a laptop can also appear if you’re using the previous version of Windows.

If none of the above-discussed methods then this is the last step you can try. Here we have mentioned the steps involved in the Windows update process.

  • First, you should head to Settings and then click on Update & Security.

Windows update & Security

  • Hover your mouse on Windows Update and proceed further by clicking on Check for updates.

Windows Update check

If any new update is available, then here you will able to see them. Take a wise step and install the latest updates of Windows.

Final Take

These were some of the possible solutions that will help you to fix audio not working on a laptop. I hope after going through the steps you will able to you are able to hear the sound from your laptop. If we have forgotten to mention any of the solutions that can fix this is an issue then let us know using the comment section.

Well, it’s time to end our today’s informative post. Have you enjoyed this post? please share this post with your friends.

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