25 Best CCleaner Alternatives You Should Try in 2021

If your computer has been working a little slow lately, it’s probably about time you gave that hard disk a clean. There are many tools out there that remove unwanted files, temporary data, and browser junk. At the moment, CCleaner is one of the best software out there to do this job. Unfortunately, CCleaner has been subject to several hacks in recent years, causing viruses and malware to be leaked into the software. Hence, a lot of people are having second thoughts and are considering some alternatives to CCleaner.

CCleaner has the ability to uninstall programs, analyze your computer’s disk usage, and provide methods to get rid of clogged and convoluted data on your computer. Luckily there are quite a large number of disk cleaning software available to choose from. We’d like to help you out and narrow down the best alternatives to CCleaner.

Best CCleaner Alternatives to Speed up Laptop

These tools also have some added functionality such as the ability to manage startup applications in order to give your computer an overall performance boost. Here are the top 10 alternatives to CCleaner explained below. These are without a doubt, the best and most similar software to CCleaner.

1. CleanMyPc

CleanMyPC is more than just any old regular disk cleaning tool. It has the ability to protect your computer’s privacy by removing personal web data like cookies, cached data, and authorization details. Moreover, it removes files securely through its “Shredder Module” ensuring that there’s no possible way to recover it. A great feature when you’re trying to reset your PC for resale, etc.

2. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is great for those who want an overall performance-boosting software with a simple and easy to use GUI. It comes with over 20 tools to help improve speed, get rid of those pesky errors, and remove unwanted data and registry files. Its one-click functionality allows users to perform advanced tasks such as “Disk Defragmenting” and in-depth scans with a simple click of a button.

3. BleachBit

BleachBit is among the best CCleaner alternative which is open-source and free to use disk cleaning software. This tool allows you to remove built-up cache, delete cookies, toss out temporary files and discard junk you didn’t even realize existed. It has a seamless browser integration feature that works with the latest and most popular web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and more.

4. Ace Utilities

Ace Utilities is a multi-tool performance enhancer for your computer that includes several key features. For example, registry cleaning, disk cleaning, browser cleaning, duplicate file remover, and much more. You can also tweak certain settings such as the ability to enable/disable start-up programs in order to boost boot speed. Ace Utilities also features a disk space analyzer so you can really understand the type of files that are slowing your PC down.

5. WinDirStart

WinDirStart or Windows Directory Statistics is another best CCleaner alternative targeted towards more advanced PC users. Its user interface is a little complex but it really pinpoints which files and directories are taking up space. WinDirStart scans your hard drives and displays which files are taking up space in the form of multi-colored rectangular graphs. Additionally, each file types such as EXE, MP3, MP4, PNG, all have a corresponding color. You can right-click any colored block and choose to permanently(no chance of recovery) or temporarily delete them within the app.

6. Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is a disk cleaning and defragmenting tool. It’s most commonly used to remove junk files, temporary data, and left-over registry keys from broken uninstallations. Moreover, Wise uses advanced algorithms to help clean your disk efficiently within seconds.

7. Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner does exactly what its name states. It will meticulously scan your computer to its core and finds any duplicate files, folders, and shortcuts. You’d be surprised by how much space was being unnecessarily used up. It also has the option of deleting similar images and music files.

8. Clean Master

Clean Master is a cleaning tool that’s available for PC as well as android devices. Other than its excellent cleaning tools such as “Privacy Clean”, it features a Driver Booster. Clean Master will scan your computer for broken or outdated driver software which may have been the cause for your computer’s recent performance issues.

9. Eusing Registry Cleaner

Eusing Registry Cleaner is solely a registry repair and secure cleaning software. Registry files are key components that ensure the steady and stable performance of Windows. Registry issues are one of the main culprits of a slow PC. Eusing Registry Cleaner fixes invalid entries, makes backups of repaired keys, and removes any remnant registry files left behind after a failed uninstallation.

10. Argente Utilities

Argente Utilities is another multi-tool PC performance-enhanced that is packed with several amazing features. After downloading the base software you have the option of choosing which add-on features you want to download. Some of the downloadable add-ons include a Disk Cleaner, Duplicate Finder, Malware Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, and Program Uninstaller.

25 Free CCleaner Alternatives for Windows PC in 2021

If the top 10 list wasn’t enough variety of options to choose from, we’ve included 15 extra disk cleaning tools in the list below. Hence, make sure you check out all the links and choose a tool that best suits your computer’s performance requirements.

  1. CleanMyPc
  2. Glary Utilities
  3. Bleachbit
  4. Ace Utilities
  5. WinDirStat
  6. Wise Disk Cleaner
  7. Duplicate Cleaner
  8. Clean Master
  9. Eusing Registry Cleaner
  10. Argente Utilities
  11. Comodo System Cleaner
  12. TweakNow 
  13. Reg Organizer
  14. SDelete
  15. KCleaner
  16. Slim Cleaner
  17. IObit Uninstaller
  18. WinZip System Utilities
  19. Avast Cleanup
  20. Total PC Cleaner
  21. Wise Care 365
  22. Ashampoo WinOptimizer
  23. Win Magician
  24. ITL Windows Optimizer
  25. Disk Clean Pro

Final Words:

Performance issues in computers often arise from old and temporary files being built-up over time. Hence, it’s important that you get yourself an advanced disk cleaning software such as CCleaner.

Lastly, it’s important to note that Windows does have a built-in disk cleaner which usually does the trick of removing unwanted files. However, if you want a deeper clean, choose any disk cleaner or utility from the list above.

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