25 Best Game Recording Software for Windows 10

Based on the user’s review and feedback, the best game recording software is discussed here with their specifications and features. Even many gaming tools like console, PS3, PS4, Xbox came into the picture, the gamers still prefer PC for their fun-filled gaming needs. You can make unlimited gaming fun into a double by recording and sharing it on social websites, and with friends.

For reviewers and gameplay tutorial video makers these kinds of game recording software help a lot.

Best Game Recording Softwares in 2020:

The game recording software works based on the screen recording background programming. Depends on the software package the recording feasibility changes. Here I mentioned the best game recording software with their features.

1. Dxtory

A simple tool that is well-known for the lots and lots of features is Dxtory. The user interface for this software is the ease of access and legible for beginners. You can easily capture the game video without loss in the quality. The uniqueness of this game recording software records a couple of audio simultaneously which is quite robust and attractive. You can add both sound and your microphone explanation simultaneously to make the video more lively.  In the game video recording, you can manually mention the FPS and file formats as of your requirement.

2. Open BroadCaster

Here comes the advanced and best game recording software which is very much preferred by professional gamers for recording. Open Broadcaster is well-known for its open-source nature and user adaptability. You can perform simple multitasking in this software, record as well stream which doesn’t need any high end setting changes. It helps to record the game in MP4 and FLV formats which is very much preferred for better quality streaming. Some add on features like making perfect video tutorials, customized watermarks, Push-to-talk mode and so on. This game recording software indirectly enhances your recording experience by having various plugins.

3. Action

Action is very much compatible with the high-performance gaming video recording. It is very much attracted by professional gamers. This game recording software uses the GPU to enhance the recordings. Compare to other software you can record high-quality videos with high FPS along with the live commentary. You can easily stream your game videos in realtime on youtube, hitbox, Twitch, etc. It has the inbuilt editing features such as cropping, filter applying, adding effects like slow motion. It is a wonderful option for file sharing.

4. StreamLabs OBS

Welcome beginners, you can also record your game experience in the OBS interface. Don’t worry about complex settings, our StreamLabs OBS provides the same game recording experience with ease of user interface. In this software package, you are allowed to sign in to the stream labs accounts from which you can directly ingress the features like recording and streaming. It contains cloud storage for saving resources used for game recording.

5. Nvidia GeForce Experience

High-end gaming needs high-end graphic cards to works properly. Several graphics cards and its software package developers provide the software installation tools. In addition to that, it will provide the add on features of game recording, streaming, and editing. Nvidia drivers have the Nvidia shadowplay feature which helps to record the games easily. The main attracting feature of Nvidia ShadowPlay is its GPU video encoding which doesn’t require CPU power. It provides 4K support for game recording.

6. D3DGear

D3Dgear such an awesome tool for all your game recording related needs. It looks very basic but it has all the advanced features in this quite simple window. The game recording doesn’t require any coding setup. You just need to click the start recording button and start playing. With its lightweight design, it has a built-in compression system. It also helps to compress the video recorded. The game recording video compression happens in real-time which helps to record the video even with the low space disk. It also uses GPU encoding for the recording rather than the CPU. It automatically recognizes the game and stores the recorded videos accordingly.

7. AMD ReLive

Another high-end graphic card developer includes game recording options in their drivers just like Nvidia solutions. AMD Relive uses the GPU for the video encoding which in-turn saves the CPU cycles. The scaling up of game recording quality can be enhanced in this software. The impact on frame rates is very much less. You are an AMD GPU user then you can enjoy the features of the AMD Relive. The software is available for free to use and the setup is very easy and simple to use. It is a company-owned software, so you can get updates sequentially.

8. Bandicam

Bandicam game recording software is well-known for its ability to record the game in real-time with high bitrates and frames speed. It has the inbuilt customizable option for recording the game as per the requirement of frame rates and resolution. Compressed storage is an impressive feature in this software. Even for the high-quality game recording videos, it will allocate very little space without compromising the quality. You are able to resize the capture area. It supports the different codecs and formats for recording the game in real-time.

17 Best Game Recording Software For Windows PC:

Below is a comprehensive list of free game recording software for your PC.

  1. Windows Game DVR
  2. D3DGear
  3. WondershareFilmora Screen
  4. Action
  5. Fraps
  6. Dxtory
  7. Screenflow
  8. AMD ReLive
  9. Quicktime
  10. Nvidia GeForce Experience
  11. Bandicam
  12. Apowersoft
  13. StreamLabs OBS
  14. Shadowplay
  15. tv
  16. Open BroadCaster
  17. ZD Soft screen

Final Words:

Here we come to the end and you can easily pick out the best one to have fun. The details mentioned above will give you a clear idea to get the best one. Pick the best game recording software and enjoy the ultimate fun by streaming it. If you find this blog useful do drop in a comment below.

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