Tenoshare 4uKey Review – Can it Bypass Locked iPhone?

How many times does it happen that you forget your iPhone passcode or lose your Apple ID? I guess many times. There are instances when we forget our passcodes and passwords and then it becomes troublesome for us to get through it. People generally use iTunes for this purpose. But to eliminate this problem there is a new tool in the market – 4uKey. Let’s see if it is worth it or not? Read this 4uKey review to know more about how can you fix your iPhones and iPads effectively.

Tenoshare 4ukey Review – Detailed Guide

If you are wondering that what is 4ukey, I think you didn’t correctly read the name. If you notice it says “for you key” which also justifies the work that it does. We’ll discuss and review it together in a while but before that let’s see what it does as a whole. It removes the passcodes of the iPhone/iPad/iPod in all the scenarios.

When Is It Useful?

Let’s see the 4ukey review to see a few instances when it is really useful.

  • When you forgot the passcode, you can easily use 4ukey and unlock your iPhone/iPad.

  • When the iPhone/iPad is disabled, you can follow just three simple steps and can access your device again.
  • Reset your device without using iTunes.

Features Of 4ukey

Let’s discuss all the available features next in this 4ukey review so that we can reach a proper conclusion of all the pros and cons available.

  • Remove Apple ID on iPhone/iPad without Password(Only For iOS 11 and Earlier).
  • Bypass iPhone/iPad Screen Passwords Instantly.
  • Fix Disabled iPhone/iPad without iTunes or iCloud.
  • Remove 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Touch ID & Face ID from iPhone/iPad.

  • Fully Compatible with the latest iOS/iPadOS 14 beta, iPhone SE(2nd), and more.
  • Claims to factory reset the phone.

These are the features you’ll get to see as soon as you access the official site. Now let’s see what else you get to see when you dwell further.

1. What Can You Do After the Apple ID Is Removed?

  • Enjoy all iCloud services and Apple ID features.
  • Listen to Apple Music and download Podcasts.
  • Purchase & download apps and games on iTunes.
  • Enable and disable Find My iPhone.
  • Back up your iPhone/iPad via iTunes.

So, these are the things that the website claims that you can do once your Apple ID is removed. So far it looks quite promising. But let’s see a little more before forming a strong opinion on the capabilities and usage.

2. What Can Your Device Do After the Apple ID Is Removed?

  • Not be tracked on previous (bypassed) Apple ID.
  • Not be distantly blocked by previous Apple ID.

  • Create a backup and synchronize the device with iTunes.
  • Not be remotely erased by previous Apple ID users.

So, the capability of the device sounds quite reasonable and nothing extraordinary as it takes away the rights from the Apple  ID that has been removed but from a privacy point of view they are satisfactory.

3. What Does It Deal With?

These are the few problems that the website claims to solve with 4ukey.

  • Forgotten iPhone Passcode.
  • Entered the wrong passcode for many times.

  • The iPhone screen is broken.
  • Your Apple ID has been disabled.
  • Enter Apple ID password to turn off “Find my iPhone”.

These are all the features available to you for use and that is promised. Let’s see a review of it now that includes all that I think based on public opinion and my observation.

4ukey Setup Process

This is the part of the 4ukey review that all of you were waiting for. What we see on the website is always promising and tempting to look at but there exists no solution without a few cons or drawbacks. But before I give any review on the good and bad aspects, let me quickly take you through the three-step process involved.

The Three-Step Process

Step 1: Connect Device. Choose feature “Unlock Lock Screen Passcode”.

Step 2: Download Firmware Package. Choose a save path and click “Download” to proceed.

Step 3: Start Unlocking. Click “Start Unlock” to remove iPhone passcode.

Pros of 4ukey

Secure:It is 100% secure and safe to use as it is owned by a legit [company and has passed several tests as claimed.

Efficiency:It works efficiently as efficiency is the foremost thing that matters to any user. For a while, the user may even ignore security but not the efficiency of the software. It works as claimed and receives high and good reviews from the users.

Usability:One ore thing that makes users give a chance to the application is the easiness of using it. It is really simple to use and you can refer to the above-mentioned steps if still you are stuck somewhere and looking for a solution.

Support:The support team is okay if we see overall. It takes a bit of time but provides you with an efficient solution to the problem. So, it is easy to use and expect a good support system.

Price:Now let’s talk business. Price is the point that may just flip over the entire review or may take it up to another level. So, it shows a few options when it comes to price.

  • 1 Year License:
1-5 Devices,1 PC
Offer price: $49.95
Original price: $149.00
  • Lifetime License:

1-5 Devices,1 PC

Offer Price: $59.95
Original Price: $179.00
So, it seems alright when seen from a price perspective too.

Cons Of 4ukey:

  1. This may lead you to lose your data as it updates the OS. Thus, it is recommended to keep a backup before you move on to any step.
  2. The second thing is a major disadvantage according to me as the troubles come unnotified and so it is one of the things that the developers might need to work on. You must have iTunes installed before using this.

Is 4uKey Worth Buying?

So, overall it seems like a good plan to invest in especially because of the features and support that the developers and owners claim to provide. Generally, a factory reset would cost you much more than this in case of any problem. So, I give it almost positive feedback and leave the further decision to you.


This is all that I concluded based on the reviews, feedback, and personal observation and analysis. User experience may differ depending on the kind of problem being faced. So, read and analyze properly before any further step and investment. Comment down if any of your doubts remained unanswered.

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