14 Best Video Editing Software for Mac [Beginner Friendly]

Are you looking for a software to edit videos on your Mac? If yes, then which is the best video editing software for mac? is the question that you may ask while looking for a video editing solution on Mac. Well, the answer depends on the type of project and your level of editing. Some solutions are simpler than others, allowing for the quick creation of professional-quality presentation or tutorial videos. Other platforms are the more advanced types, with an array of high-tech tools suitable for use by commercial video/film producers and editors.

Today in this article we will help you to choose the best video editing software for Mac. How? Continue reading the article to know.

Best Video Editing Software For Mac

You’ll be confused after seeing a varied variety of video editing software for Mac in the market today. If you are thinking to research all of them, then you will probably take a week. But you don’t need to worry; we have done the hard work for you and came up with a well-researched article of the 14 best video editing software for Mac. These best video editing tools are either intuitive to casual users or powerful for pros, while some are scalable so that they can be used by both types of users.

We have also highlighted the key features, pros, and cons of each to make it easier to compare them at a glance.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing software and is used at both personal and professional levels. It can be a  great choice for those people who want to start filmmaking and produce video content at a professional level. The software is quite popular all over the globe due to its non-linear video editing interface.

Adobe Premiere Pro can run on various platforms including macOS 10.10 to 10.12 and from Windows 7 to Windows 10, ($139.00 at Microsoft Store) with the 64-bit versions required. To have a flawless experience minimum of 8GB of RAM (16GB recommended), and a 1,280**800 display is required

Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a free 30-days trial and to continue using the software after that, you will have to pay $19.99 per month with an annual subscription. You can also pay $29.99 per month to month basis.


  • adjustable interface.
  • Lots of
  • Fast rendering speed.
  • Ultimate power in video editing.
  • Used at a professional level.
  • Excellent stabilization.
  • 360-degree
  • multi-cam angles.


  • Very hard to use.
  • No keyword tagging for media.

2. Lightworks – Best Video Rendering

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Price: Free or $24.99 per month

Lightworks is another freemium video editing software for Mac. With this video editing software, you can use countless audio and video clips while doing your projects. To run this software smoothly, your system must be powerful so that any post-production can be done in real-time.

NOTE:-  It is mandatory to have special drivers for such video cards as NVIDIA.

There is also a screen capture feature that records all your work, so you don’t need to worry about the created video as they are automatically saved. Moreover, Lightworks also supports both import and export video formats which makes it possible to edit the videos recorded on multiple cameras simultaneously.


  • Advanced tools
  • Plenty of built-in effects
  • Free for home use
  • 3D video editing


  • Complex interface

3. DaVinci Resolve – Best Color Grading

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Price: Free or $300

DaVince Resolve video editing software can be used at both personal and professional levels. The free version of DiVince Resolve supports up to 60 fps video rendering and SD, HD, and Ultra Hd export format. Its enhanced color correction and image stabilization feature are praiseworthy. DaVinci Resolve has one of the best digital audio workstations comprising amazing soundtracks so you will not need to minimize the software to get your desired sound.

It can be downloaded from App Store but if you want to access its all features then you should download it from the Blackmagic website.


  • Certified Training Course available
  • multilingual tutorials can be easily accessed
  • Package rendering
  • Many audio parameters
  • Multi-camera editing, curves, extended filters


  • Complicated interface for beginners

4. Final Cut Pro X

Platforms:  Mac OS

Price: Free or $299

While talking of video editors for Mac, how can we forget the official one from Apple itself? Final Cut Pro X is specially optimized for Mac and features a modern metal engine. Final Cut X Pro has an intuitive design and offers some very innovative features like advanced color grading, HDR support,360° video editing, VR headset playback, and ProRes RAW.


  • Advanced color grading, HDR support, and ProRes RAW
  • 360° video editing and VR headset playback
  • New Metal engine
  • Advanced color grading
  • Intuitive User Interface


  • Clips information can sometimes be slow to load
  • Not so great when it comes to audio mixing and editing


5. Blender – Best for 3D

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Price: Free

Blender is another open-source free video editor for Mac. If you are working on 3D projects such as modeling, training, interface, animation, shading, opening UV, creating 3D games in real-time, etc. then you should give it a shot. It will not acquire much space on your system. Its user-interface is quite complex so in the beginning, you might find it a bit difficult to use it to use. However, there are plenty of videos on Youtube that you can watch to master this software.


  • Best tool create visual effects
  • A great number of add-ons


  • More inclined toward 3D animation/modeling

6. HitFilm Express – Best Visual Effects

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS

Price: Free

HitFilm Express is another free video editing software for Mac that offers more than 180 special effects that you can use for your videos. The highlight feature of HitFilm is composite images which allow creating a tome line only for special effects and animation (which may be further applied to the main video). It also has a customizable playback and pause for fast user experience.

The latest version of HitFilm Express includes quality playback, video resolution, a pause of quality, and a pause of resolution. Each of these parameters is available with four options from low to high.


  • Continue video editing while exporting
  • Flexible and intuitive export functions
  • Extended tracking and screen simulation


  • Paid plug-ins
  • Low export performance

7. Apple iMovie – For Home Video Editing

Platforms: Mac OS, iOS

Price: Free

If you are a beginner at video editing and looking a free and simple software to do the basics then Apple iMovie can be a good choice for you. It is specially designed for home use that is why the layout of this Mac video editor is made simple but still it has all those essential features that we can expect from a freeware video editor.

Moreover, Apple iMovie has a  great online community and support so if anything went wrong with the software, you will get quick solutions for it.


  • Simple user-friendly app with an intuitive interface
  • Well designed, qualitative, simple, and interesting themes
  • Perfect for editing and creating trailers
  • Possibility to “frozen” frames and make clips
  • Many pre-installed sound effects


  • The chosen audio can’t be changed
  • No synchronization with other IOS-gadgets

8. OpenShot – Best Free Mac Video Editor

Platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Price: Free

Openshot is another open-source Mac video editing software. This free video editor for Mac is a perfect balance between advanced features and a simple interface. Its user interface is very similar to iMovie, however, in terms of features, it has an upper hand over iMac. Some of its features include clip resizing, scaling, cropping, snapping, rotating, including an unlimited number of layers, sound mixing, and more.

Openshot is suitable for both amateurs as well as for professional video editors. So if you want to edit promotional videos, training videos, etc. then you should consider this software.


  • Clip resizing, scaling, cropping, snapping, rotating
  • Cropping video transitions with real-time preview
  • Composition, overlays, watermarks
  • Title templates, subtitles, 3D animated titles and effects


  • Only a few video lessons are available

14 Free Video Editing Software For Mac

Here are our top 14 picks for Mac video editing software.

  1. Adobe Premier Pro
  2. Lightworks
  3. DaVince Resolve
  4. Final Cut X Pro
  5. Blender
  6. HitFilm Express
  7. Apple iMovie
  8. OpenShot
  9. Filmora
  10. Cyberlink PowerDirector
  11. Wideo
  12. VideoPad Video Editor
  13. Shot Cut
  14. Rocketium

Final Verdict

So, these were our top 14 picks for the best video editing software for Mac available in the market. These softwares are selected and ranked in the list in terms of their popularity, features and functionality, user ratings, and reviews. If there is any other good video editor that we have missed then let us know through the comment section.

Thank You!

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