ManyCam Review – Is It Really Worth the Hype?

To maintain the country’s economy and keep the work going, most companies and educational institutes opted for work from home. Video conferencing and streaming applications and software played a vital role in accomplishing the task of work from home. If you are looking for an alternative to Zoom, you are in the right place. We are going to talk about what we think of such apps in our ManyCam Review.

Things have changed substantially in the last few months, since the time Covid-19 pandemic has started. Almost every country imposed a total lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic. Still, the lockdown is not the solution to this problem because it adversely affects the country’s economy.


This pandemic gave rise to several old and new video conferencing platforms, and today, several companies offer the same service. Our today’s article audits ManyCam, one of the video streaming and conferencing platforms.

So let’s begin with our today’s topic – ManyCam Review!

ManyCam Review:

As all the companies shifted from physical offices to virtual offices. In such scenarios, companies, employees, teachers, and students need to have good video conferencing platforms with awesome features and tools. Although there are many free video call streaming platforms, the corporate sector prefers to use the premium call conferencing platforms to offer more tools and features.

ManyCam is amongst such video conferencing companies that provide you video streaming service, but is it worth buying, and can a company rely on its privacy and security? What is its plan and pricing? In this article, we will give you an unbiased, detailed review of ManyCam video streaming and conferencing platform and answer all your queries and questions.

What Is ManyCam?

Like any other video streaming and conferencing platform, ManyCam is a premium call conferencing platform for professional and casual meetings. This platform is available as a paid software as well for free. The free version is for individuals and has fewer features, whereas the paid version is for corporates and is loaded with several features and tools.

manycam screen

Manycam is available as a software for Windows and Mac computers. Moreover, it is also available as an application for Android and IOS users. Initially, ManyCam was owned by ManyCam LLC, but in 2013 – Visicom Media, a developer giant, acquired this platform.

This video streaming and conferencing software have various features and tools that enhance the user experience. Let us have an eye on some of the astonishing features of Manycam video calling software.

Features of ManyCam Software

There are many meetings and call conferencing software available over the internet. Any software becomes popular among users because of its features. ManyCam is loaded with numerous exciting features that make it different from other similar platforms and compete with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, etc. Below we have described a few astonishing features that we found in our ManyCam review.


  • Virtual Background – Sometimes, while attending office meetings, our house can be quite messy. In such situations, a virtual background works like a charm. It is an advanced feature that lets you change the background to any image without needing a green screen. Moreover, one can make the background blur and play with various other settings of this feature.
  • Multiple Video Streaming Sources – Video calling and sharing desktop screens are common in every video streaming platform. ManyCam has something more to offer. It allows users to stream video from multiple sources, such as Youtube, external camera, gaming console, mobile application, and many more.
  • Live Streaming – Social media streaming integration is one of the most awesome features provided by ManyCam. With the help of this feature, a person can host the meeting and stream its live telecast on Facebook and Youtube.
  • Picture in Picture – This is an exclusive feature of ManyCam that lets a person project pictures over the video in a new layer. This feature can be very helpful for office presentations.

How Much Does ManyCam Cost?

Like any other video conferencing and streaming platforms, ManyCam is available as a free and paid version. The free version does not have many features or tools, yet it is adequate for private video calling purposes. The paid version has three different plans with different pricing, let us have a quick eye on all the paid plans.

manycam pricing

  • Standard Plan – The standard plan supports one device with four different high-quality video sources. The standard plan will cost you 23$ a year.
  • Studio Pan – Studio plan is great for a small business or office. It supports two devices with 12 different 4k video sources, and this plan will cost you 59$ for a year.
  • Premium Plan – This plan is great for corporates and companies with several departments. It offers support for three different devices with 24 video sources in 4k quality. The premium plan will cost 79$ for one year.


As we know, the market is flooded with many video conferencing and streaming software from various tech giants. As compared to Zoom and Skype, ManyCam has several unique features that any other platform does not have. Moreover, it has received a lot of positive feedback from its customers and has crossed more than 1 million downloads mark.

The ultimate video quality and customer support allow ManyCam to give a tough competition to its rivals. Like every coin has two sides, ManyCam also has pros and cons, let’s have a quick eye.


  • The video quality is awesome, which enhances the user experience.
  • ManyCam is loaded with several tools and features that makes it rank amongst the top video streaming platforms.


  • As there are already giants like Zoom and Skype available in the market, as compared to them the price of ManyCam is quite high.


Work from home has become the new normal, and several companies like Facebook, Google, etc. have extended it for their employees till mid-2021. In this pandemic era, platforms like ManyCam provided great aid to all management work. Today we have compiled a detailed ManyCam review.

No matter what life never stops, even in this COVID era, we can’t stop our essential daily tasks. Before things get back to normal, we should use video conferencing and streaming platforms to stay in touch with our family and friends instead of meeting them in person.

So in this ManyCam Review, we have mentioned all the genuine data good to our knowledge, if you still have any doubts or queries related to the subject feel free to ask me down in the comment section.

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